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- Refuge & Restoration, St. Louis MO -

We are still feeling the effects of Rebirth's glorious ministry. The forgiveness workshop brought sustained healing to a packed house of women hungry for the truth. We received an everlasting word imparted by grace & love. We are forever grateful to Rebirth for coming 570 miles to share what our great God wanted for us!

- Belinda, Douglasville GA -

Before the workshop I was holding on to a lot of anger towards several people, but since the workshop I have forgiven those people.  I feel like a weight has been lifted and I’m able to move forward with my life and things I wanted to do in my life. My heart is no longer heavy. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing. Thank you Cynthia for the workshop.

- Terri, Powder Springs GA -

Life sometimes just happens, feelings get hurt, people let us down, and bitterness creeps in. Before you know it walls have been built, and you don’t realize that unforgiveness has set in. This workshop helped me to realize that I was holding on to unforgiveness. God used this venue to give me freedom and peace of the things that were holding me back.

- In His Image Ministries, St. Louis MO -

ReBirth is a jewel sitting in the crown of  our heavenly father. This ministry performs valuable Kingdom Work not only in GA but all over the United States and Internationally. We are proud to be strongly connected to such committed servants of the Lord. We know our conferences are not complete without the inclusive work of REBIRTH!

- Lavoushia, Kennesaw GA -

The forgiveness workshop inspired me to forgive others rather than say I’m sorry or not. Forgiving others is not only for them but for me. I learned that holding unforgiveness hinders me from moving forward. This workshop was definitely an eye opener for me because I was not aware that I was holding unforgiveness in my heart.  Now I am free.

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